Plastic welding | torsional welding:

The torsional ultrasonic welding structure is done in a conventional vertical manner, only that there is a difference in processing. It belongs to a kind of high-frequency friction welding that moves in the tangential direction, where the welding head causes the upper workpiece to perform a relative horizontal displacement to the lower workpiece. Under the combined action of high vibration frequency (20KHz), amplitude and pressure, friction is generated to cause melting between the two workpieces. Since the upper workpiece is only displaced in the tangential direction, the lower workpiece can hardly deform despite the ultrasonic process.

During ultrasonic welding, some items must be protected from damage in the application environment (such as the sensitive parts, films, textile products, thin die-cast components, electronic equipment, etc.), so it is necessary to reduce the excessive vibrations generated around the ultrasonic welding areas. So such method is especially applicable. Under some circumstances, this method can also be used to bond different plastics together.

Torsional welding

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