Digital ultrasonic generator:

20Khz 2000W~5000W
35Khz 1200W
40Khz 800W

1. Auto frequency adjustment system
Constant ultrasonic amplitude
3. Fine adjustment of ultrasonic amplitude
4. Ultrasonic soft start device
5. Multiple welding modes & monitoring windows
6. Overload protection system
7. LCD auto frequency & power display

The digital ultrasonic generator series provides users with a simple and rapid operating interface and especially ideal to install in any automation equipment and machinery plants using the ultrasonic system. It is operated with a digital panel to provide real-time monitoring and welding information and rapid adjustment of operations.

Auto frequency adjustment system:
The full series is equipped with a digital auto frequency adjustment system that automatically tracks the operating frequency of the ultrasonic components and stores the data. The auto frequency search can compensate frequency deviations of the welding horn due to temperature or other factors.

Constant ultrasonic amplitude:
The digital ultrasonic generator series is equipped with an ultrasonic “constant amplitude system” to maintain a constant amplitude performance during the ultrasonic operation (from zero load to rated load, the system maintains an amplitude variation of within 2% to avoid amplitude attenuation caused by voltage fluctuations or load condition changes), which in turn provide a stable processing performance of the ultrasonic system.

Fine adjustment of ultrasonic amplitude:
The ultrasonic amplitude adjustment can be done through the LCD panel and external signal control to regulate the amplitude output. The ultrasonic amplitude can be finely adjusted according to various processing conditions with an adjustment range of 50%-100%.

Ultrasonic soft start device:
To adapt to various ultrasonic welding horns of different specifications, the digital ultrasonic generator series can adjust the ultrasonic starting speed, which makes it easier to start the welding of special or oversized welding horns, or accelerate the starting speed of small welding horns to save welding cycle time.

Multiple welding modes & monitoring windows (time, energy, power mode)

Overload protection system:
This series provides a variety of system protection devices to offer frequency deviation, over-temperature, overload and other protection functions to effectively avoid problems caused by equipment failure during ultrasonic operation to improve the welding efficiency.

LCD auto frequency & power display:
The current operating frequency, power display, and various operational data of the ultrasonic system can be clearly read through the LCD panel, and the ultrasonic welding horn can be judged if it is operating normally through the numerical values.