20KHz-4000W high power output


• Frequency: 20KHz
• Input voltage: 200-245V, 50/60 Hz
• Output power: 4000W
• 270 mm x 200 mm x 500 mm (height x width x length)
• 6 bar clean, dry air

Product advantages:

★ Comprehensive ultrasonic wire splicer for welding electrical wires of specifications1-28mm²
★ Fully auto ultrasonic frequency tracking system - power up to 4000W
★ A 10-inch ultrasonic touch screen
★ Welding modes - time, energy, power
★ Fully auto adjustable welding parameters and database
★ Electric motor automatically adjusts the splicing width
★ Unique four-piece welding tip structure to effectively extend the service life of consumable tool to achieve lowest maintenance cost
★ Removable tip technology for low-cost and extended service life of tool