Product advantages:

★ Full series in modular structure
★ High-strength rigid structure
★ Digital ultrasonic generator
★ Lamination welding process for thermoplastic materials (non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber, etc.) and metal foil materials (copper foil, aluminum foil, etc.)
★ Products with high air tightness requirements, such as windbreakers, tents and other outdoor products
★ Customized unit allows flexible installation in automated production line

Applicable scope:

1. Automobiles
2. Battery industry
3. Electronics
4. Food
5. Medical
6. Textile
7. Packaging
8. Consumables

Radial welding:

The processing speed can reach up to 80m/min to enable continuous seam welding or spot welding, and synchronous cutting and sealing of materials to retain the characteristics of raw materials such as elasticity and softness to the utmost extent. 

Interchangeable circumferential roller to allow rapid conversion to weld various customized faces. 

Advanced German-made digital ultrasonic system with multiple safety protection functions to ensure the reliability of product welding. 

No requirement of needle and thread, no requirement to bond with glue, ideal for non-woven cloth welding, cost saving, and no-thread stitching.