Product advantages:

★ Full series in modular structure
★ Digital ultrasonic generator
★ Mainly used in textile, film, and nonwoven fields
★ Ultrasonic cutting can be used in the food industry, as well as to process rubber, foam plastic, and artificial leather.
★ Customized unit to allow flexible installation in automated production line
★ Rapid switching to vibration system for integration with the production line
★ Maintenance-free, robust structure, easy operation.

Applicable scope:

1. Automobiles
2. Battery industry
3. Electronics
4. Food
5. Medical
6. Textile
7. Packaging
8. Consumables

Ultrasonic cutting:

The main function of the ultrasonic cutting process is splitting of connected components. The pressure on the product to be cut can be reduced by large frequency vibrations/second to yield a neat and clean cut surface. The practical applications are divided into two processes: separation welding and cutting.