Ultrasonic generator TEX20:

1. Frequency display function
Ultrasonic soft start device
Overload protection system
Modular design

The ultrasonic generator TEX series provides users with a simple and rapid operating interface and especially ideal to install in any automation equipment and machinery using the ultrasonic system. It has a frequency display function which allows the operator to clearly determine whether or not the system is working normally.

Frequency display function:
The current operating frequency, power display, and various operational data of the ultrasonic system can be clearly read through the frequency display panel, and the ultrasonic welding horn can be judged if it is operating normally through the numerical values.

Ultrasonic soft starter (2500W only):
To adapt to various ultrasonic welding horns of different specifications, the TEX ultrasonic generator series can automatically adjust the ultrasonic starting speed, which makes it easier to start the welding of special or oversized welding horns.

Overload protection system:
The system provides a multiple system protection device to effectively prevent damage to the generator caused by the failure of the ultrasonic equipment, thus effectively protecting the components of the generator.

Modular design:
The modular ultrasonic generator design has the advantages of extremely low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

Technical data of TEX 20-1500W / TEX 20-2500W:
1. Power supply specifications: 220VAC±10%50 / 60HZ 5A / 10A
2. Maximum power: 1500W / 2500W
3. System frequency: 20KHz
4. Generator dimensions: width × depth × height 435mm × 400mm × 185mm