Product advantages::

★ Stable output
★ High strength rigid structure
★ Easy to assemble

The specially designed hard booster in titanium alloy is ideal to process precision welding with outstanding result, especially welding of thin materials. The titanium alloy is more durable and can conduct ultrasonic energy much better, and the precision zero-point fixed clamping design can provide multiple amplitude options of 1:0.5, 1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3, etc.

Applicable scope:

1. Automobiles
2. Battery industry
3. Electronics
4. Food
5. Medical
6. Textile
7. Packaging
8. Consumables

Ultrasonic booster:

Used to maintain or increase the vibration amplitude, and applicable for frequencies of 20KHz, 30KHz, 35KHz, and 40KHz, and powers of 400W-5KW. It has stable output, high strength and rigid structure, and is easy to assemble.