Ultrasonic metal welding series UWM M3000:

★ Full series in modular design
★ High strength rigid structure
★ Digital ultrasonic generator
★ Maximum pressure: 3000N

Ultrasonic metal welding is ideal for welding metals and has an advantage of rapid processing suitable for mass production, and it also has the following features of: short welding time, cost saving, heterogeneous metal welding, no requirement of flux material, and low impedance after welding, etc. Ultrasonic metal welding can be applied in various industrial fields such as lithium battery, solar technology, electronics, electrical, and automobile industries.

Advanced ultrasonic controller

1. A 10-inch color touch screen
2. Built-in German-made digital ultrasonic generator
3. Electronic pressure measuring device
4. Electronic optical distance measuring device
5. Four different trigger modes
6. Five different welding modes (time, energy, maximum power, absolute distance, different distance welding mode)
7. QC windows
8. Ultrasonic amplitude adjustment: 50%-100%
9. Auto tracking of ultrasonic frequency


Technical data of UWM M3000:

★ Maximum power: 2000W / 3000W / 4000W
★ System frequency: 20KHz
★ Maximum pressure: 3000N
★ Generator dimensions (width x depth x height): 240mm x 650mm x 450mm
★ Weight:50kg

Advanced controller:

★ Built-in German-made digital ultrasonic generator
★ Power input: 220VAC±10%50 / 60hz 7A
★ Controller dimensions (width x depth x height): 260mm × 495mm × 220mm
★ Weight: 10kg