Ultrasonic processor features:

1. A 7-inch color Chinese touch control panel
2. Output power: 0-2000W, 20KHz or 0-1000W 35KHz
3. Ultrasonic energy, power display
4. Maximum continuous processing time of up to 72 hours
5. Auto turning function to automatically track the operating frequencies of the ultrasonic components and store them. The auto frequency search can compensate the frequency deviations of the welding head due to temperature or other factors.
6. Ultrasonic amplitude adjustment can regulate the amplitude output through the touch panel. The ultrasonic amplitude can be finely adjusted according to variation in various processing conditions with an adjustment range of 50%-100%.
7. Intermittent processing time (pulse): 1 second - 24 hours, touch input
8. Processing data storage can store 10 different operating conditions
9. Overload protection device, power overload or abnormal overload, overload display on screen
10. 4 operating modes: continuous, timed, timed intermittent, and continuous intermittent operations
11. Can display the actual ultrasonic execution time (excluding the pause time) to fully control the experimental results
12. Auto feedback detection design to allow fixed strength output according to different samples to maintain crushing consistency
13. Optional temperature detection device to stop the machine automatically when the temperature exceeds the preset safety value to prevent the sample from overheating.
14. Sample processing volume from 0.2mL ~ 1000mL or more, and can be combined with large molds to increase throughput and increase power.
15. Fine adjustment function to regulate the elevating seat

Output power

2000 Watts max.20khz  /1000 Watts max.35khz

Processing time

1 second ~ 24 hours (digital input)

Amplitude intensity control

50~100% output control

Intermittent processing time

0.1 second ~ 24 hours, free to choose input

Memory parameter

Can store 10 different operating conditions

Microcomputer program control

Chinese touch panel

Operating mode

Continuous, timed, timed intermittent & continuous intermittent

Processing capacity

0.2 mL - 1000 mL or more

Output frequency

20KHz 或 35khz

Power supply

220V / 60Hz